BUMATECH 24-27 November 2021

Our Operator Friendly Machines Attracted Great Attention at BUMATECH Fair

As MAC BENDING, we met with our users at the BUMATECH Fair, which took place on 25 – 28 November 2021.

We had the opportunity to introduce and exhibit our machines, which we are producing, to our visitors in detail.

We would like to thank all our visitors who did not leave us alone with the intense interest and the happiness of expanding the Mac Bending family with each passing day.

Our technological and operator-friendly features in our machines during the fair,

Standard NC Mode, 3 Speed Feature, Remote service and technical support connection, Double-sided cone bending feature and many features in our Cylinder Bending Machines,

In our Profile and Pipe Bending Machines, the 3 reducer drive systems we use instead of the gear and chain system attracted great attention from all participants including with Standard NC Mode, Double Speed, 3 Speed, Variable Rotation Speed, Upper Shaft Support Apparatus, Front Protection Optical Sheets, Automatic lubrication system.

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