PBM 150 Hydraulic Profile and Pipe Bending Machine

Our hydraulic profile and pipe bending machines produced by Mac Bending are models equipped with Mac Plus technology, suitable for your needs.

These models, which offer sensitive and fast bending possibilities, provide our customers with the opportunity to make faultless bending with their NC mode feature.


  • 7'' çok fonksiyonlu dokunmatik ekran
  • Kutu profil, lama, dolu kare, boru, oval boru, yuvarlak dolu mil, köşebent, T profil, NPU,

    INP, IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM kolay ve zor yollu bükme imkânı

  • Dairesel, elips, oval şekillerde ve çeşitli çaplarda malzeme büküme imkânı
  • PLC kontrollü manuel, yarı otomatik ve otomatik bükme (playback)
  • Üç hız özelliği
  • St-52 kalite çelikten üretilmiş gövde ve aksamları
  • Özel çelikten üretilmiş, sertleştirilmiş ve taşlanmış vals milleri ve topları
  • Rulmanlı yataklama sistemi
  • Üç vals topu tahrikli sistem
  • Çift yönlü hareketli hidrolik yan dayamalar
  • Gövdeye bağlı hidrolik sistem ile yukarı ve aşağı hareket eden alt vals milleri
  • Üst milin esnemesini önleyen üst mil destek aparatı
  • Teleskopik ön koruma sacları
  • Frenli motor
  • Çok amaçlı büküm kalıpları (Bir takım)
  • Serpantin bükme özelliği
  • Dikey ve yatay çalışma imkânı
  • Kontrol panelindeki butonları tek tuş ile yatay ve dikey pozisyona göre ayarlanabilme
  • Millerin devamlı dönüşünü sağlayan süreklilik butonu
  • Darbelere karşı gizlenmiş, dönme hareketini kaydeden encoder sistemi
  • Aşırı yüklenmelere karşı akım koruma sistemi
  • Makineden ayrı gezer, üç konumlu hareketli kontrol paneli
  • İnternet üzerinden uzaktan erişim
  • Radius, yay ve derinlik hesaplayan formül sayfası
  • Sesli-ışıklı buzzer uyarı sistemi
  • Bakım zamanını gösteren uyarı sayfası
  • Makinedeki uyarıları gösteren alarm sayfası
  • CE standardına uygun üretim
  • 400 volt / 50 Hz / 3 Ph

P: Special Rolls (for more precise bendings)

C: Pulling Device

The specifications in table based on steel with yield point 240N/mm2 Mac Bending reserves the right to change all above specifications without prior notice.


• CNC unit
• H, U and I profiles pulling device
• Special rolls for different diameters
• Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
• Circular pitch device
• Variable speed feature

• Oil cooling system
• Joystick controller system
• Automation system for different voltage and frequency • Multi colour option
• Custom logo application with laser cutting

You Choose The Color!

We are glad to offer our customers the machines with the 6 different color options that we offer optionally or with the corporate colors of their choice. Besides our main duties such as after-sales service, technical support and general service by giving importance to our customers, we work intensively with our R&D team to be their business partner.

Hydraulic Guide Rolls

In our profile and pipe bending machines, while PBM 60 has mechanical guide rolls, PBM 80 and bigger models have hydraulic guide rolls as a standard equipment. In that way, we offer to users more precise and more comfortable bending opportunity.

Telescopic Front Protection Sheets

During the bending stage, they prevent the slag accumulated on the surface from entering the machine and damaging the bearings due to the structure of the material with the density difference of the light metal. The machine developed by our expert designers in their fields ensures to operate longer and more effectively by being protected with layered sealed sheets.

Upper Shaft Support Apparatus

The upper shaft support apparatus prevents the upper shaft from flexing. Thus, it prevents the material from buckling and enables ideal and desired precision production. In this way, the upper shaft is protected and ensures a longer life span for the machine.


Hidden encoder against crushes that records turning movement.

Maintenance Lamp

We have made maintenance easier with an interior lighting lamp that is manageable in the touch screen menu.

Variable Pitch Serpentine (Spiral) Bending Feature

Nowadays, the serpentine system, which is indispensable for the heat transfer concept, is the most important formula utilized in the industrial sectors. The serpentine system is defined as the efficient fulfillment of all kinds of substances in gas and liquid states, which circulate in pipes, the surface of which is expanded by bending. We provide a solution for our valuable customers with the serpentine bending feature in our PBM series that we produce in our factory.

Circular Pitch Device

As Mac Bending, we offer circular pitch device that we produce as an optional equipment to our valuable customers together with the serpentine bending featurein our PBM series.


We have the honor of being the first company that makes automation a STANDARD feature in machines. We are increasing the mass production and precise productivity with the Numerical Control (NC) System feature designed with MAC BENDING experience for Profile, Pipe, and Sheet Bending Machines.

Touch Screen Graphic Interface Display

It is now very easy to direct the machine for more precise bendings with user friendly graphic interface and high technology 7’’ and 10” touch screen display where you can perform many fundamental processes.

Our machine does not work without taking occupational safety precautions.

It is delivered by adding the customer logo into the control panel login screen.

  • 3-stage angularly adjustable control panel that provides ease of use to the operator
  • Mobile control panel with wheels
  • Keypad that can be adjusted according to the horizontal and vertical use of the machine
  • Sound-light buzzer warning system
  • Calculation page that computes the arc and depth required for bending control during thebending process
  • Digital display which displays the machine working hours
  • Multi-lingual feature (Turkish, English, Arabic, German and Russian)
  • Capacity tables accessible from control panel

Playback (Full Automatic Bending Feature)

It is now easier to bend the parts with the same features with the same precision and in the same position without the need of an experienced operator at your required quantity by uploading the shapes of the parts to be bent in the desired diameters to the system once. In this way, you will both save time and make more precise bending.

Semi Automatic Bending

You can send the rolls directly to the position by programming the shapes in the diameters needed according to the characteristics of the material you bend. Consequently, more precise and higher-quality bends can be made.

Manual Bending

Mac Bending, with its manual bending feature, enables the bending of non continuous bendings by expert operators.

Stand-by Feature

We have brought the machine a different feature with the Stand-By. While the material is being bent on the machine, we can stop the operation and change the program steps. Then we can continue the automatic bending from where we left off with the modified program. In this way, more precise and quality results can be acquired in the bending.

Continuous Movement Button

All machines have a continuos movement button on control panel. In that way, the continuous movement of rolls can be obtain during the bending.

Capacity Table

All our profile and pipe bending machines have accessible capacity tables in control panels. Each machine has their own capacity table added to control panel and we are proud to serve it to our business partners.

Maintenance Period

It has the feature of informing the operator about the maintenance procedure to be done when the maintenance period comes.

PLC Features

We can diagnose possible failures faster and easier, reach a solution in a shorter time, and provide easy maintenance with the control page displaying the inputs and outputs between the PLC and the control panel.

Remote Connection

We are aware that time is one of the most important added values today. With this awareness, we are always with our valuable customers, by using the speed of technology in the best way. We support the problem by establishing an online connection in case of a possible malfunction in our machines. We provide quick solutions by intervening in our machines with the remote access feature.